Following in the footsteps of our forefathers

  • ➢ Quality and craftsmanship in every piece
  • ➢ Traditional joinery for long-lasting strength
  • ➢ Premium hardwoods for beauty and durability
drawer frames

Furniture - Following in the footsteps of our forefathers

Over the years we have made many different pieces of furnture; everything from reproduction pieces from the William and Mary period through modern day book shelves.

All of our pieces are built with our forefathers in mind:

  • ✓ We focus on quality first and foremost.
  • ✓ We utilize traditional joinery throughout for strength and durability.
  • ✓ We take the time to match wood grains and tones to produce a piece that looks beautiful and consistent.
  • ✓ We take pride in our finishes. We apply various finishes to be consistent with the piece's appearance and function. A quality finish is critical to a piece's final appearance.

Period Reproductions

Our reproductions are faithful to the originals; in quality, in construction details, in wood choices, in finishes, and in looks.

Traditionally Made Custom Furniture

Our custom furniture is made to stand up to everyday use. We focus on blending traditional construction details with designs and functionality for today's families.