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  • ➢ Traditional joinery for long-lasting strength
  • ➢ Premium hardwoods for beauty and durability
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Proddy (Rag) Rug Frame

proddy (rag) rug frame

Our traditional proddy (rag) rug frame is an essential component for any rug weaver. This frame is made from premium hardwoods for their beauty, strength, and durability. The natural fiber upholstery webbing is the strongest and most durable available; red stripes are stronger than the black stripes.

Using this traditional proddy (rag) rug frame couldn't be easier. You stitch the ends of your rug backing to the webbings. You wind the excess backing around the far beam. You slip the side stretchers through the openings in the long beams. Finally, you tension the backing by finding the appropriate holes to insert the pegs.

Our proddy frames are made to look a little rustic. This means the edges are soften and have an inconsistent and worn or aged looked.

We offer the rug frame in multiple sizes.


Pricing can be found on the Contact us for pricing.


  • ✓ Available in almost any domestic hardwood
  • ✓ Traditional design and construction
  • ✓ Available in various sizes and working areas
  • ✓ Heavy duty natural fiber upholstery webbing used for strength and durability
  • ✓ Easy to disassemble for transportation or storage
  • ✓ Handmade in Ohio

Small Size

✓ 12" x 24" working area

Medium Size

✓ 18" x 36" working area

Large Size

✓ 24" x 48" working area

Additional information

Allow four weeks for construction
Please contact us if you would like to discuss a custom order.

Questions or Custom orders

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proddy (rag) rug frame
Traditional proddy (rag) rug frame
proddy (rag) rug frame
Heavy duty natural fiber upholstery webbing
proddy (rag) rug frame
Easy to disassemble for transporation or storage